Our customers deserve

the best – 

No matter if you fly a Cessna 150

or a Global Express.

The safety and care of your aircraft are our first priority. 

Our skilled line crews receive extensive training in order to provide quick and efficient services that exceed FAA requirements.

From the moment your wheels hit the runway, you’ll be impressed with our service. Our personnel take care of your aircraft, passengers and crew traveling on board. 

In a hurry? Call us and we’ll have you ready and on your way before you can finish a complimentary bowl of ice cream.  If you’re in the area for business or pleasure we’ll do everything possible to create a satisfying customer experience. 

JCFS line service is available Monday through Friday 6:30am to 8:30pm and from 8am-6pm on weekends with 24 hour service available on request.


We are a Phillips 66 Performance Center, and our personnel have completed the Phillips 66 Line Service Safety Training Program.


Line Services


You’ll be marshaled in on arrival


15 minute turnaround upon request


4 Fuel Trucks


100LL Aviation Gasoline


Jet A Premixed Jet Fuel


Windshields Cleaned on Request


Courtesy Car for quick errands


Baggage Handling


Lav Services


De Ice With Isopropyl Alcohol (limited)


Forklift – convenient unloading with a driver

-- Freighters welcome


Secured hangars